Help for Special Needs Parents

Sue offers online classes, live webinars and 1:1 phone consults to work on your child's education.  Or join my EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL NEEDS GUIDANCE CENTER!  Get YOUR questions answered to save time finding the path to needed help!


Struggling with your child's IEP? Feeling frustrated and alone? Are you left wondering if your child is in the correct placement? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this product is for you! What you get: Free 15-20 phone consultation to go over top 3 concerns Free IEP checklist to help you advocate for your child's IEP Wrap up e-mail to summarize what was talked about and give you ideas on how to start the advocacy process

You will send your child's current IEP to be reviewed. Next, you'll have a 60-minute phone consult to tackle concerns and next steps in your child's education. You won't have to worry about taking notes, you'll receive a recap of all points and action steps discussed. This will be YOUR ADVOCACY ACTION PLAN!

What do you get: 3 hours of consultation services that can be used all at once or over a 12 month period of time. This ongoing consultation plan allows you to have ongoing access to my special needs advocacy services that can be used in 15-minute blocks of time or longer.

What are you waiting for?

Enroll in our EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL NEEDS GUIDANCE CENTER on Facebook!  Perfect for those who need to ask questions on an ongoing basis and feel confident to "do it yourself."  Weekly answers and ongoing "hot topic" videos!