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Finding a knowledgeable professional can be difficult.  Making it fit in your schedule or getting to an office can be even more difficult.  Sue Bowes, MSW, LCSW is Licensed to Independently Practice in Illinois.  She primarily provides counseling by Internet.  Why sign-up for one of those big eTherapy practices where the assign counselors?  With me, you know who you are seeing!

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Special Needs Parents

For those with IEP issues... Have you ever had a child "meltdown" or "shutdown" when they come home from school?  When you report it to school they state they don't see it at school?  They have little motivation to discuss or change your child's IEP because unless you have documentation from a professional it's your word against theirs?  That is where Sue comes in.  Sign-up for some counseling services and work with her to be ready to video chat when those challenges happen!  She can document and help solve issues by observing your child in their normal home environment.

Because let's face it, these difficulties don't wait for the counselor's appointment day!

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