Who is Sue?

Susan Bowes, MSW, LCSW is passionate about advocating and helping parents, caregivers and adult children get the help they need. She grew up with a physical disability and began advocating for disability and special education rights at an early age out of personal need for herself. She shares her expertise with people and families to get the needed resources to achieve your personal goals and strive for independence.

She graduated from high school in 1986, after struggling and advocating for her right to be in a fully mainstreamed school setting with General Education academics. Along the way, she educated and advocated with Northern Illinois University to attend as a fully-integrated, dorm living college student, completing her BS in Social Services degree in 1990. During her college years, she joined the Independent Living Rights Movement as an activist, educating and working with groups to make the world more accessible. Finally, in 1995 Sue graduated from the University of Illinois with a Master of Social Work degree.

She spent many years working for an Illinois Center for Independent Living as an Advocate and Physical Rehabilitation Unit as an Inpatient Social Worker. Here is where she found her ability to get the system to work FOR people, not against them. Networking creative solutions to complex medical and disability issues to help people live life on their own terms.

She is also a mother to two high schoolers, a son, and daughter.  Both have experienced many school issues.  With a child on the Autism Spectrum, Sue has witnessed first hand and advocated for needs that are "invisible."  Contrary to her personal disability of being a quadriplegic from Spinal Muscular Atrophy and having a very visible disability using a motorized wheelchair, Autism and the like are misunderstood and their impact is minimized, requiring strong education and advocacy of each child or adult's individual needs.

Counseling & Care Management Services was founded by Sue in 2008 when she realized that she wanted and needed to help people find resources and advocate without the constraints of working for an institution or agency. She is here to serve her clients with their priorities in mind.

Sue works doing internet counseling and consulting, bringing her services and expertise to the comfort and convenience of you.


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