Help for Special Needs Parents

Sue offers online classes, live webinars and 1:1 phone consults to work on your child's education.  Or join my EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL NEEDS GUIDANCE CENTER!  Get YOUR questions answered to save time finding the path to needed help!

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Senior Help

Get the help you need to navigate the service system for your aging loved one.  Sue offers 1:1 consultation and resource guidance to save you time and money.  Join my EXCLUSIVE DISABILITY/AGING RESOURCE CENTER!  

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Disabled Adult Help

Get the help you need to live a full life on YOUR terms!  Disability occurs in nearly 1 in 5 people.  Under age 65 resources are different than senior services.  Sue also provides "adjustment" counseling to those who find it difficult or impossible to access a Therapist in the community.  Join my EXCLUSIVE DISABILITY/AGING RESOURCE CENTER!  Lets help you find the resources you need to live the life YOU want!

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Helping Parents, Caregivers & Adult Children Get Needed Support Services

Susan Bowes, MSW, LCSW has been a Social Worker for 27+ years & a lifelong advocate & resource navigator for clients. She offers 1:1 consultation for IEP/Special Education, Disability Resources, Elder Care and Counseling... by phone or virtually via video conferencing.

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